OSHA Would Have a Field Day …


It seems newspapers are constantly forgetting about employee safety and building upgrades—or else ownership just doesn’t care, which is entirely possible.

During a particularly heavy storm one winter, we were all hunkered down in the office working diligently when a loud crash echoed through the office. After nerves settled down, it was realized a portion of the ceiling have caved in, just a foot or so from the sports desk. The editor was sitting at the desk at the time and both she and the desk were sprayed with water and bits of ceiling.

Instead of fixing the ceiling that winter, a large trash can was set beside the desk to catch water that seeped through. And there were multiple small trash cans throughout the building catching water from leaks—though that was the only portion of the ceiling that came down.

It wasn’t until a few years later that the leaks around the office were fixed, but the hole in the ceiling in the sports department remained until—and beyond, I imagine—the day I quit.


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