Pain & Heartache in the Newsroom

As much as I disliked certain things about the newspaper industry, I did come across and continue to maintain friendships with some amazing people.

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Rookie in the Newsroom

desk-601540_640You know how they say bad things happen in threes? I definitely felt that during the very first week of my very first official newspaper job after college.

I accepted a job at a small daily in the city where I grew up; where I knew I’d have the chance to learn so many new things and work through those initial rookie journalist days.

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OSHA Would Have a Field Day …


It seems newspapers are constantly forgetting about employee safety and building upgrades—or else ownership just doesn’t care, which is entirely possible.

During a particularly heavy storm one winter, we were all hunkered down in the office working diligently when a loud crash echoed through the office. After nerves settled down, it was realized a portion of the ceiling have caved in, just a foot or so from the sports desk. The editor was sitting at the desk at the time and both she and the desk were sprayed with water and bits of ceiling.

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